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Repair and Refurbishment

As we are specialist in ponds and lakes, we have gained much experience over the years in solving a whole range of problems which can occur in a pond or lake.  Many of our enquiries come from clients who have come to us with a problem or question for example:

  • The pond or lake is leaking
  • The pond or lake has become completely over grown with weed
  • Stone work around the pond is damaged and needs repair
  • The pond or lake is silted up and needs to be cleaned
  • The pond needs to be completely redesigned because the exisiting pond is not ‘right’.
  • The pond needs a filtration system or an old one replaced

At Aquavision, we really do appreciate the anxiety a leaking pond or an over grown lake can cause.  Very often the extent of the problem and a definitive solution is not always obvious.  One other worry can be the cost implications for any repair or refurbishment.

We have found with experience, that the best solution is to first carry out an assessment and then discuss with the client the options available and the costs involved. The initial analysis  may be able to take place over the phone, however it is often the case that a site visit will be necessary.  Please contact us with your enquiry.