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Pond design & construction

What does a pond give to a garden?

A pond is the ‘heart’ of the garden providing a unique quality. An established pond can be haven for wild life, a beautiful relaxing spot on a summer’s evening or it can provide a home for your prize Kio.

In building a new pond or lake, Aquavision is committed to working closely with our clients to develop a design which will provide a spectacular display and will meet the expectations of our customers.  As trained ecologists and horticulturists, we pride ourselves in creating bio diverse aquatic habitats within and surrounding the pond or lake.  Once established, a wide array of wildlife will take up residence which will provide the pond’s owner with many hours of enjoyment.

In designing and building a new pond or lake,  the project has normally five distinct stages

1.  Plan & Design – having discussed the requirements fully with the client, we will submit a design and estimate for the work (designs will be still owned by Aquavision).

Excavation of a pond near Honiton 2.  Excavation and installation This includes the excavation of the pond (normally using an excavator) construction of a concrete ring, lining the pond substrate with sand, underlay, and rubber liner.  An optional protective lining can be placed on top of the rubber liner.  Often for larger ponds and lakes, no lining will be required if there is a high clay content in the soil.


3.  Landscaping Once the lining has been competed, attention needs now to be made the landscaping of the surrounds of the pond; the immediate edging as well as land lying adjacent to the pond or lake. Many options for edging are available such as natural stone paving, large landscaping stones, grass edging, gravel to name a few. The ponds edge is where water and earth meet. Creating an attractive edge enhances the impact of the pond within the landscape.

4.  Installation of ‘bolt ons’ including pumps, filters, cascades, beach, bog garden, lighting, planting bed or fountains.  These additions bring the pond to life and often essential for the pond to function adequately.   If you want to stock your pond with fish, then consideration needs to be given to installing a pump and filter. You may want on the other hand want to attract wildlife which could involve the construction of a beach or a bog garden. To make a spectacular display of marginal plants, the Landscaping the pond edge construction of a planting bed may be worthwhile.  Cascades and fountains help to keep the water moving and replenish oxygen in addition to ehancing the beauty of the pond. 

5.  Planting and stocking with fish Finally, the pond is planted up with a range of quality water plants according to our planting scheme which we will have drawn up specifically to meet the wishes of our client.  We can also supply many different varieties of quality ornamental fish.

The next move

Contact us to discuss your requirements.  For ponds 25 meter squared or under , we should be able to give you a price for the project within 48 hours.  If this initial estimate is of interest, then we can arrange for a visit. Ponds over 25 meters squared  normally require an initial visit.