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Aquavision Maintenance Services

Just like any garden, a pond or lake which does not receive regular maintenance can soon get out of hand.  Without a regular programme of management such as the control of marginal or submerged water plants, any one off maintenance event will after a year or so seem a waste of time.

Creating a pond or lake with the desired range of marginal and submerged plants requires a regular programme of management.  We are able to clear out overgrown ponds and lakes and introduce a range of alternative aquatic plant which are suitable for the site and the clients tastes.  If this work is then followed by a regular progarmme of maintenance the desired plants will flourish while the invasive plants are kept well under control.

The frequency of the visits will depend on the size of the water body, the needs of the client and local conditions of the site.  For example, a lake of half an acre may need a visit 3 times a year (one day for 2 men)

A summary of what our maintenance packages include is given below:

  • Pruning of water plants
  • Splitting and repotting of water plants
  • Health check on fish & plants
  • Removal of excess plants
  • Servicing of pumps, filters and other pond equipment
  • Sampling of water quality
  • Provide verbal report for client
  • Access to advice hot line

Contact us with the size of your pond or lake and we can give you a cost to carry out maintenance. For large ponds (over 100 square meters) we will be happy to arrange a free visit if necessary.