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What can you do?

If the contents of these pages are of some interest,  you may like to consider one or two of the following suggestions on how you could become more involved or learn a bit more.  Some ideas may not suit you for a variety of reasons.  Choose something which you feel you are drawn to – that is most likely the way you can make a difference.  Keep us posted, tell us how you get on!


Practice it


Actually practicing what you preach allows you to prove to yourself and to others that an idea can indeed become reality.  Often a tough road to negotiate, as you will no doubt encounter problems, which may call you to have second thoughts.  But that is life!  Persevere!  Whether you practice aquaponics, own a fish farm, grow fish in your back garden or manage a pond for wildlife – you can along with thousands of others help to make a difference….




Buy wisely

Whether it is the species of fish or the method of capture – buy wisely.  Avoid fish caught by trawlers or drift nets, buy where possible fish which are certified such MSC or organic.  See….



Aquarium Fish

Buying a fish for your pond or aquarium, – check with the supplier the provenance of the stock and whether it has proper disease certification.  More information at:



Follow the codes issued by the English Carp Heritage etc.   More information available



The subject of fish has raced up the agenda in recent years due to dramatic impact that overfishing has had on the earth oceans to produce enough fish to feed the growing human population.  Action is at last being taken – campagnes such as Hugh Fernley Whittingstall’s ‘Fish Fight’ are doing a valuable job in raising the awareness of these issues.  Why not sign up?

The government has launched a consultation document on developing a plan for aquaculture.  Comments on the document must be submitted by 8th March 2012.  Click HERE to access the document from the DEFRA web site.

Lobby our local MP, or join discussion forums.




There is a lot of information on the world wide web as well as numerous articles and books.  Courses are now available in aquaponics and aquaculture see our courses.  Colleges and universities provide degree courses in aquaculture.


Join a group

There are numerous groups with a range of interest in fish and fish related matters (angling clubs, fish keeping clubs, conservation organisations, sustainable food production and living such as Transition Towns Initiative.  It is likely that some groups may have conflicting agendas – you need to choose wisely.  A good yard stick is what positive difference will this group make to the quality of life your grand children will lead?

Spread the word

Engage in conversation, exchange views and learn from others.  Remember we are all part of the problem and therefore all part of the solution!