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FishPlant family unitAquaponics is an integrated approach for growing plants and fish by successfully applying the principles used in hydroponics and aquaculture in a new and innovative way. Fish which are reared in a tank produce nutrient rich waste which is readily taken up by plants. The success of these systems is primarily dependent on culturing a healthy bacteria population which convert the fish waste into a form which can be easily assimilated by the plants. What’s more, aquaponics is eco friendly and efficient.

For example:

  • Very little water is used, because the whole system is continually recycling
  • It is what you feed the fish that nourishes the entire system, no fertilisers are needed
  • There is no weeding and the grow beds can all be set at a comfortable height
  • These systems can be located anywhere, making efficient use of space provided you have access to power and water
  • You never  need to irrigate – it is a self watering system

It is true that aquaponics is still dependent on electricity for powering pumps as well as for lighting and heating where needed, however more and more forms of renewable energy is becoming available which can  be used in aquaponics systems.

What perhaps is most striking about Aquaponics is that it is a good example of successful ecological engineering.  Once set up, the system is almost entirely self regulating, because a stable easily managed productive ecosystem has been established. Moreover, aquaponics is very flexible, there is a whole range of approaches available to fit in with your life style.




With the challenges of facing our future generations, whether it is climate change, increased in global consumption or a requirement to become much more self reliant; there is a real need to find sustainable approaches to growing much more of our own food.  Aquaponics ticks many boxes and we are very likely to see it’s rapid development in the years ahead.  It just makes so much sense!

Is aquaponics for you?  If you enjoy growing things, being creative or have an ambition to do something valuable and rewarding, then this new rapidly developing field in food production could well be for you.  Read more on our website, buy a book, visit our shop, look on U Tube, or why not contact us about our 1 to 1 aquaponic courses?