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Lake Services

Carp lake

A lake brings a new dimension to a landscape.  Whether it is small or large, a carefully designed lake can be a valuable asset to its owner.  The presence of standing water brings a unique visual asset to the local geography.  This can often be demonstrated through reflections in light, the waves generated by an autumn breeze or the display of a diverse range of marginal water side plants and flowering lilies.  A lake can also provide a rich and diverse habitat which provides a haven for wild life.

Whether you have a damp corner of a field which would seem an ideal location for a lake, or an existing lake which needs some TLC, Aquavision can provide you with a solution to fulfil your aspirations and needs.

Lake construction

Design and construction

We will work with the client to develop a design which is sympathetic to the surrounding landscape and meets the needs or the client.  We are able to provide assistance in planning issues along with advice on permissions for the various statutory bodies such as the Environment Agency (in England and Wales, SEPA in Scotland). Aquavision can also undertake this work on behalf of the client.  Once plans have been drawn up and the appropriate permissions have been obtained, the construction phase of the project can be undertaken.  Careful attention is paid to creating a lake which will function well ecologically, by creating an environment where living creatures can thrive.   The edge and surrounding area of the lake can then be carefully landscaped to bring the body of water into harmonious balance with the surrounding land.

Desilting lake


Over time an existing lake can develop a leak or suffer from bank erosion.  Silt can accumulate over many years affecting the health and vitality of the pond.  In most cases the lake will need to be emptied to rectify these problems.  Careful thought and planning is needed to ensure that wildlife does not suffer or the surrounding environment is not contaminated.  Aquavision has considerable experience in this area and is able to develop a plan of work for the client to consider along with a costing.  As with all our other work projects, we place great importance on ensuring our client is kept up to date with developments and involve them in every stage of the operation.


Lake management / maintenance

In common with land management, a lake needs regular management.  With water never being in short supply, water plants can have an amazing potential to grow and very often 'get out of hand'.  Marginal plants such as reeds, various species of floating plants or submerged oxygenating plants can choke a lake up in a surprisingly short time.  Having managed lakes for many years, Aquavision has the knowledge and experience to know what can be done and how to go about it.  Very often an initial 'blitz' is needed, to get rid of the excessive growth and give some room for other plants to thrive again.  This work can then be followed by a regular programme of maintenance to suit the client's needs and budget.  Time and time again, we have been able to demonstrate to our clients that a diligent careful approach season after season will bring amazing results.

After lake maintenance

Clearing of excessive marginal plant growth







Lake Consultancy

Aquavision is able to provide a consultancy service on your lake project.  See Lake Consultancy page.